Anna Lemi
still life styling + art direction





Hi! I'm Anna. And yes, that's "Aah-nah." 

I'm a New York City based Still Life Stylist and Art Director for advertising, digital, and print. I'm always cooking up some quirky new concepts and sketching ideas in a collection of colorful notebooks that would make most stationary stores weep with jealousy. 

I'm also mildly obsessed with everything matcha and I've been known to peel a sheet of plexi with one hand while blindfolded.  I like dried mangoes and dry humor.  A client once called me the Beyonce of styling and it made my year.  I'm often found dreaming of or going on remote mountain top yoga retreats but I'll namaste on set until the job is done. 

Please feel free to drop a line and say hi and let's talk still life!

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